Employers Terms of Use


Job Abstracts is a division of Freestyle Media, A California Corporation. Job Abstracts is a division of Freestyle Media. Whenever, Job Abstracts (we, us, our) is mentioned in the policies below, it refers to the policies of Freestyle Media as well.

The Employer Terms and Conditions below, are in addition to all other Terms and Condition and Policies of Job Abstracts that you agreed to when you registered for your original user account. In order to become a Job Publisher and be granted the right to post jobs on the Job Abstract site, you agree to all of them and be further bound by the additional Terms below.

You agree that Job Abstracts’ Employer System is a service that allows Companies, Subchapter C Corporations, LLC’s, Subchapter S Corporation, and Sole Proprietorships (all, hereafter referred to as companies) to list job opportunities while seeking candidates for employment in their company.

The Employer System exists for the purpose of allowing companies whose data is not already in the database to add their job opportunities. You must follow strict guidelines for adding your job opportunities. Moreover, the job opportunities you list must be for job openings in a company that you are associated. You must have either been given hiring responsibilities by the company, or be the owner.

Use of the site to obtain job seeker data for any purpose other than for employment is strictly a violation of the usage policy. These restrictions include, but are not limited to: listing jobs for companies which you do not have hiring responsibilities, posting jobs opportunities that are not current or do not exist, use of the site to redirect a user to a website for any purpose other than possible employment, use of the site for advertising products or services, use of the site for displaying information not connected to a job opportunity, use of the site for redirecting traffic to a site not connected with the actual job being displayed, use of the site hire people for any illegal, immoral, or unlawful activity, use of the site for any other illegal, immoral, or unlawful purpose.

The user agrees that the integrity of Job Abstracts is predicated on showing only jobs that seekers can apply to with the confidence that the job is a bona fide job opportunity. Any usage in violation of these terms could damage the reputation of Job Abstracts, and might lead Job Abstracts to seek legal remedies for said damage.

At any time and for any reason, in the sole judgement of Job Abstracts, we reserve the right to deny, restrict, or refuse usage of the Employers Search System for any reason. Job Abstracts will immediately terminate without notice or justification, the access of any Person, Employer or Company who violate these terms.

Your initial use of the system will be free. Once approved for a Trial Period, you will be considered a Probationary Employer with the ability to post a limited number of jobs. After a successful trial period, you will be contacted about becoming a Job Publisher with increased capability.


The use of Job Abstracts Employer Search System is not intended for anyone under the age of 18. In all jurisdictions you must meet the minimum age of 18 to sign up for an account and use the site. Some jurisdictions might place additional constraints on the legal use of the site. Some jurisdictions may place further constraints on legal use of the site. Moreover, the laws in your locality may require that you be older in order for us to lawfully provide the services from this site. In the event that local laws require a user to be older, those laws shall prevail, and the older age is thus required. By using Job Abstracts, you agree to provide us with accurate information concerning your age, if and when, we request it.