About Us

Job Abstracts is a division of Freestyle Media, a California Corporation. We provide users with the industry’s easiest to understand abstracts, plus comprehensive summaries of job listings located throughout the United States. Our proprietary software can be used to match a user’s job search criteria to key information found in job descriptions. The highly elegant searching algorithm can also be used to return a matched list of job opportunities ranked by relevancy.

Registered users gain access to a host of advanced features, including: multiple term searching, job listings announced in the last 24 hours, search histories, multiple zip code searches, individual company searches, the ability to save jobs that interest them in their favorites, the ability to track jobs when they apply, and a note pad to record their thoughts. Registered users, who choose to receive Email communications, also receive alerts when jobs that match their needs are announced.

We maintain a list of over 2.55 million jobs posted by more than 13,500 companies and organizations located in the United States. Our lists are updated daily as new jobs are announced and older ones are expired.