California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) - California’s “Do Not Sell My Information” Law

The CCPA was passed to ensure the responsible use of California consumers’ data. It aims to provide California residents a host of new rights.  In particular,

(1)   Residents of California now have the ability to access their personal information and

(2)   They can control how businesses use their information.   

(3)   They can request that a company delete their personal information.   

The CCPA also gives California residents the right to stop the “sale” of their personal information.  At any time residents of California can stop the sale of their personal information by opting out.  Once received, Freestyle Media will “Not Sell Your Personal Information.”

California’s definition of “sale” also captures the transfer of data between corporate affiliates (that is, companies that share common ownership) and other transfers that ordinarily may not be thought of as a “sale” in the traditional sense of the word.  Freestyle Media does not have any affiliated companies but operates a number of branded websites.  This includes,,,,, and  Freestyle Media shares all data amongst its branded websites.

When you register with Freestyle Media at, you are asking us to help you find jobs that match your talents and interests.  In our Privacy Policy we explain how we share data with our Partners and why the collection of data is important to providing you with the products and services we and our partners offer.  Since some of these partners share revenue with us when you interact with them, CCPA has defined this as a Sale of personal data.  If you ask us not to Sell Your Data, we will be unable to offer you all the services our partners provide.

Freestyle Media only collects contact information and job related keywords that help us match you to job opportunities.   We do not collect resumes or applications.  When you apply for a job, your resume data, application materials, and other information will be entered on an Employer’s or their agent’s websites.

If you request that we do not sell your Personal Data as we have described above and in our Privacy Policy, you will not get access to any services provided by our partners. 

You can request that we do not sell your Personal Data by filling out a form found at the following link:, or emailing us at .

You can also request a Personal Information Inquiry by filling out a form found at the following link:, or emailing us at .

By submitting this request, you are declaring that you are a California resident availing yourself of the rights afforded to you under the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).  

Please note that we will attempt to verify your identity via the email associated with your request prior to fulfilling it. If you authorize another person to make this request on your behalf, in addition to verifying your identity we will also require proof that the person is authorized to act on your behalf. 

Why does Freestyle Media Sell personal information?

Freestyle Media offers many services to job seekers.  Hiring companies that offer job opportunities constantly seek potential employees that can fill these jobs.  They pay for leads on individuals that have been pre-screened for the skills they require.  In order for us and our partners to find you, we collect contact data and interest data to determine whether you fit their needs.  We then direct you to these offers. California defines this as a data sale.

Our Privacy Policy, explains how we collect, use, and disclose your personal information in an effort to provide the services relevant to your job search and hiring process. Our partners have similar policies as described on their websites.

Since California has defined these arrangements as a sale of data, we are required to disclose the transfer of your data as “sales” of personal information, and therefore, we provide you with the option, “To Not Sell Your Data.”

Our partners will provide you many offers.  If you do not want them, you may unsubscribe from them at any time.

Will Freestyle Media Allow Me to Use their Websites if I opt to “Not Sell My Data?”

Yes. Many features do not require that we collect your data.  However as we explain in our Privacy Policies the richness of our services is our ability to target jobs for you based on your interests, and then to contact you with information about those opportunities. 

What if I don’t live in California?

You are covered by our Privacy Policies which are clearly articulated in the link above.  However you may delete your account and personal information at any time by contacting us as described in our privacy policy.

How long does it take to get a response from Freestyle Media / Job Abstracts when an inquiry is placed?

For requests surrounding Delete, Correct, or Know. Per California Law, Businesses must respond to your request to delete, correct, or know your personal information within 45 calendar days. They can extend the deadline by another 45 days (90 days total) if they notify you.

Freestyle Media takes these requests very seriously and in most cases initial responses are within a few days.

For requests surrounding Opt-out of Sale/Sharing, Limit the Use of Sensitive Personal Information. Per California Law, Businesses must respond as soon as feasibly possible to your request, up to a maximum of 15 business days from the date they received your request to opt-out.

Freestyle Media takes these requests very seriously and in most cases initial responses are within 1-2 business days as soon as feasibly possible. For immediate opt-out of the sale/sharing of information, users can fill out this form.

Revised - Aug 10, 2023